Texas Road Trip – Wine Tasting And A Show At Busted Oak Cellars

Texas Road Trip – Wine Tasting And A Show At Busted Oak Cellars

Busted Oak Cellars in Round Top, Texas, is everything a quaint winery should be.  It’s set in the Texas hill country, surrounded by nature, and producing delicious wines all with signature Texas hospitality.

This post is sponsored by Busted Oak Cellars but the opinions expressed are my own.

Busted Oak Lodge and Tasting Room

Busted Oak Cellars is the newest member of the Texas Independence Wine Trail, the 10th member to be exact, and is the pride and joy of and Patrick and Sherrie Cooke.  Located about half-way between Austin and Houston, finding the winery is easy as it sits just off State Hiway 290 along a beautiful country road.

Thanks to a career in the oil industry, Patrick and Sherrie along with their 3 children were able to not only live in countries all over the world but also had the opportunity to travel and make life long friends with people from the various countries they lived in and visited.

Regardless of differences in language or culture or tradition, it always seemed that lively conversation over dinner ( with excellent wine) were the perfect way to build community.  Sherrie Cooke

So why open a winery in the hill country of texas?  Well, Texas is home and what better place to realize their dream.  Not only did Patrick and Sherrie graduate from Texas universities but 2 of their children did as well.  The one rogue child, if you want to call him that, is a son who attended Oklahoma State University.  If you’re a college football fan, you can only imagine the spirited family gatherings they have since all 4 colleges are rivals of each other.

College flags

It’s this pride in their children and family unity that is reflected in the tasting room at the winery with the flags of all 4 colleges proudly displayed and they are happy to share the story with anyone who asks why they are there.

Cooke family in big maroon chair

In fact, not only do Patrick and Sherrie run the winery but it’s a bit of a family affair with a daughter-in-law and one of their sons helping out during their grand opening.

As we drove up the dusty dirt road and came upon Busted Oak, I was a bit surprised.  I had seen pictures on their Facebook page but they didn’t do justice to the actual location.

Despite it being winter and most of the trees had lost their leaves, there was still a simple beauty about the place.  Oak and pine trees surround the main buildings which consist of a lodge as well as the tasting room.

Busted Oak Cellars main gate

Turning onto the road to the winery, a large iron gate stood open inviting us in.  As we drove along the dirt road, 2 acres of Blanc du Bois grapevines greeted us, letting us know we were definitely in the right place.  While they were dormant due to the season and without leaves or clusters of grapes waiting to become wine, we still had no doubt we were on the right path.

As we got out of our truck, Sherrie greeted us and told us that they had no power or water.  Considering the winery is located in the country, this is not surprising since there was a bit of a strong wind the night before.  This was not the ideal situation since our visit was on the first day of their grand opening weekend and they were expecting quite a few guests but we knew they had everything under control and the day would be great regardless.

Strolling around the property, it was easy to see why they chose this location to open their winery.  Along with the beautiful trees that surrounded us, there are also several ponds on the property, perfect for strolling around with a glass of wine.

Ponds at Busted Oak Cellars

I imagine that in the spring and summer, when the trees and flowers are in their full glory, the site is even more stunning and the area is teaming with wildlife.


After we spent time checking out the grounds, it was time to get into exactly why we were there, to check out the wines and taste a few.  There are 2 buildings on the property, one is a lodge and the second is the tasting room.  They are both modern log cabin structures that fit beautifully into the natural surroundings.

Main tasting room at Busted Oak Cellars

There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with friends both old and new in the tasting room.  Simply decorated nothing distracted from the reason we were there, WINE!  Despite the fact that the power was out, there was plenty of sunshine coming in through the large windows.

Busted Oaks currently has 11 wines on their tasting menu, six of them being their own blends.  In addition to the wines, they also have tasty sangrias that are blended each day from both red and white wine.

There are several options to choose from ranging from a tasting of 6 wines with a souvenir glass for $15, by the glass, or you can become a member of the Busted Oaks Cellars wine club.  The Wine Club is a great option for those who have a true love of wine and want to be sure to get the latest from Busted Oaks each season plus you get a discount on each bottle of wine.

Busted Oak Cellars tasting menu

Their wines have fun and creative names like Wanderer, Ricochet Rose, and Vintage Lace.  Some are semi-sweet and others like Muscat are crisp and fruity.  Of course, I had to try a few in the name of research.  How could I write a wine tasting post without actually sampling the wine right?

Busted Oak Cellars wine club brochure

Sherrie started me off with “Wanderer” which is a white Blanc de Bois infused with cranberry.  Now this may sound odd and Sherrie told me that she and their wine producer had many spirited conversations about it, but trust me when I tell you it’s a delicious surprise.  It’s not an overly sweet wine but, rather, it has just the perfect balance of sugar and bitterness thanks to the cranberry.

Bottles of Busted Oak Cellars Wanderer White Wine

Charlie is not a big wine drinker, he actually never drinks it, but when Sherrie and Patrick told us they had a wine that was aged in bourbon barrels, his ears perked up a bit.  Sherrie poured me a glass of Renegade Red to try and since it was aged in the bourbon barrels, I let Charlie have a taste – I do share from time to time.  The bourbon flavor comes through in the wine without being overpowering.

Red wine being poured at Busted Oak Cellars

As the day progressed and more guests arrived, many of them life long friends of Patrick and Sherrie’s, the wine flowed as each person was educated on the nuances of each wine they tasted.  Sherrie seemed to be everywhere, talking to guests, pouring wine, and making us feel as if she had known us for years.

Customers tasting wine at Busted Oak Cellars

There were groups of guests sampling wine inside and having lively conversations at every turn outside while sipping wine and munching on meat and cheese.

With multiple patios and seating areas outside, it’s hard to decide whether to sit near a fire pit surrounded by trees, facing the pond while sitting in a rocking chair, or in a cozy area surrounded by whimsical oaks.  Whether we chose to sit alone quietly and just enjoy our surroundings or join in on a conversation and make new friends, we were always able to find a comfy place to sit and enjoy the day.

Whimsical Oak

Along with the tasty wine offerings, Busted Oak also has a selection of snacks that pair perfectly with the wines.  From a meatball platter to a full-on charcuterie board, there is something to keep the hunger at bay.

Meat & Cheese Tray at Busted Oak Cellars

We sampled the charcuterie board which was full of tasty treats like prosciutto, various cheeses, crackers, and a pepper jelly made from jalapenos and habanero chilis that Charlie fell in love with.  The great thing is that along with the wines, they also sell homemade salsa and jelly, something we came home with by the way.

Busted Oak Cellars empty meat and cheese tray

While we sat and sipped our wine (well I sipped) and visited with newfound friends from all over the world, a caravan of power company trucks arrived on the scene to rescue Patrick and Sherrie from the darkness.  Okay, it was bright and sunny and not really dark but you get the point.

I know that I, for one, had no idea when we arrived that we were going to get a show besides the live music that was scheduled for later in the evening so when the linemen showed up, it was like an added bonus to our day.

With the precision and expertise that only trained professionals have, the lineman climbed the pole to replace a transformer like it was no big deal.  And in true Texas fashion, Patrick was there to help, hauling the new transformer in with his tractor and ensuring the old one made its way to the trucks.

Cheers to the Lineman

Once they finished connecting everything and flipped a switch, the tasting room came alive with light and the crowd let out a big cheer.  I doubt these hard-working linemen have ever gotten a cheer like that before.

Despite the temperatures being a bit chilly, the firepits make sitting outside with a good glass of wine inviting and almost necessary.  There is nothing better than having a glass of great wine, a warm fire, and a great conversation.

Currently open Thursday 4-9p, Friday 12-9p, Saturday 12-9p, Sunday 1-6p, and Monday 1-4p, Busted Oak Cellars is sure to grow into a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram for now with a new website currently being designed.

Whether they were laughing with friends or sharing stories about how the wines got their names, Patrick and Sherrie’s love of wine and passion for the business were evident in everything they did.  From the building of the tasting room and patio areas to the creating of the wines, Patrick and Sherrie have created something very special at Busted Oak Cellars.


Lynnette Vyles

Lynnette is a California native transplanted in Cypress, Texas, where she lives with her husband Charlie and dog Nyk. With a love of the ocean, beaches, travel, road trips, and helping keep our planet clean, she hopes to inspire you to get out and see the world.

10 thoughts on “Texas Road Trip – Wine Tasting And A Show At Busted Oak Cellars

  1. Looks like a great place to go! Bonus point for them having a flag up of my alma mater, Texas Tech.

    1. Hi Heather! We had such a great time at Busted Oaks and the Cooke family are so much fun. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that you are a Texas Tech alum, along with 1 of their children. Glad you enjoyed the post, it’s a beautiful place and if you’re in the area, make sure you find time to stop in, sample some wines, and say hi! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This looks like an amazing place to stay!

    I just love going to different kinds of tastings, drinks or foods. My favorite is probably the gin tasting we did in Scotland 🙂

    1. Hi Ann! We are glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post. It’s a beautiful place, maybe in the future, they will have accommodations for people to stay, we are so ready to give that a try. The owners are super nice and so much fun, we can’t wait to go back and taste more wines. By the way, I did come home with 2 bottles – 1 is completely gone already!

  3. I love wine tasting. Have tried it out in New Zealand and Bordeaux. So much fun learning about new wines.

    1. Hi Angela! Thanks for stopping. We’re glad you enjoyed the post. Wine tastings can be so much fun and this one was quite an adventure with the power outage and all but we had the best time.

    1. Hi Kathy! We’re so glad you liked the post. Texas wines are actually very good and Busted Oaks are super tasty! Thanks for visiting our site.

  4. Texas is high on my list for my next US roadtrip. A lot of people tell me it’s very similar to Australia, where I’m from, so I’m very curious to see it for myself. Now I have another reason to visit!

    1. Hi Gabby! You should definitely visit Texas next time you’re in the states. Depending on where you are in the state you can see arid landscapes, mountains, ocean, and forest. It’s diverse for sure and if you come, we love to meet you and take you to the winery!

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