The 5 Best Places To Visit In Vladimir, Russia

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While most people who visit Russia tend to gravitate to Moscow, there are so many wonderful places to see all over the country that many don’t even realize exist.  Like Moscow, these towns hold so much history and amazing architecture and since they may not be on the roadmap for your next Russian adventure, perhaps they should be.  Vladimir is one such town and is part of the Golden Ring of ancient Russian cities

Located about 120 miles, or 200 km east of Moscow, Vladimir is within the Vladimir Oblast administrative center and has a population of almost 400,000. Steeped in history, in the 12th and 13 centuries, Vladimir was Russia’s capital city.  The actual date the city was established has been argued through the years with some believing it was established in 1108 AD and others believing it was much earlier in 990 AD.


Regardless of when the city was established, to this day, it still holds some of the most beautiful monasteries, towers, palaces, and cathedrals with elaborately carved exteriors with high-relief stone sculptures. Three of these buildings are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Dormition Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Demetrius, and the Golden Gate.  While there are many more places of interest to visit in Vladimir, here is our top 5 list to add to your travel itinerary.

Pushkin Park

With its towering statues and tree-lined brick walkways, Pushkin Park is the perfect place to take in the beautiful view of the city.  There is an observation deck in the park, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Vladimir, and they say that summer evenings offer awesome sunsets. Pushkin Park is a known hotspot for local romantics, so expect to see lots of couples enjoying the natural beauty, and there is lots to explore, so plan a whole day when you visit Pushkin Park.

The Golden Gate Military Monument

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Constructed between 1158 and 1164, the Golden Gate is the only preserved ancient Russian city gate still standing.  Originally, the gates only existed in the holiest cities of Eastern Orthodoxy – Jeruselum, Constantinople, and Kiev.  When the city was named as the capital, Andrew the Pious commissioned the tower to be built out of limestone and lined with golden plaques.

The city was once completely walled, to keep out foreign invaders, and this monument remembers the Mongolian invasion and is really a memorial to those lost in the conflicts. It is one of the city’s major attractions and is always busy during the day. Prior to booking your holiday, talk to providers of tours and holidays on the Trans-Siberian Express Railway, who would be able to tailor the holiday around you.

Vodonapornaya Bashnya Museum

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Housed in the cities old water tower, the shape of the unique museum is cylindrical and tower-like and quite eye-catching.  The museum contains various artifacts from the glass industry. Each floor is dedicated to an important part of the cities history and beliefs.  The first floor tells the story of the city in the pre-revolutionary period while the second is devoted to the city’s population and their occupations.  The third floor is devoted entirely to the spiritual life of the city with an amazing observation deck at the very top which is sure to provide some of the best photos of the city.

There are also many important historical documents and old commercials, all written in Russian, and it makes for an interesting afternoon that ends with a look from the observation platform at the top of the tower. You can get some great photos of this unusual building if you go after sunset.

The Cathedral of St. Demetrius

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A spectacular example of the fine building that is a very unusual shape, made from white limestone, and the minimalist style reflected the way of life in the 13th and 14th There are beautiful stone carvings inside that depict Biblical characters, and it really is quite peaceful and serene inside.

Chamber Official Palace

This splendid-looking building houses many important relics of Russian history, with items such as art, archaeological exhibits and many war relics. If you are interested in Russian history, a visit to this palace is a must, and there is so much to see, you will probably be there for a day. This is one very busy place, especially during the summer, when many Russian and foreign tourists descend on Vladimir.

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