SCUBA Diving in Roatan, Honduras


No, not jump up and down on the springboard, go bouncy-bouncy and then splash into the water at the local swimming pool.… not that kind of diving. I’m talking about SCUBA –Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus – Diving. The kind of diving that puts you into a different world and focuses your attention on one little important action necessary to life itself – Breath in …. Breath out, oh and the scenery is absolutely amazing too.

I got into diving for two reasons. One, my little brother was diving and I thought it would be something we could do together and help bring us a little closer together.  Two, my job as a Conservation Law Enforcement officer at the time, had a dive team and its purpose was SAR (Search and Rescue or Search and Recovery). 

Now at the time I was leaning towards surface support of the team, boat operator, equipment guy, that kind of thing but it was quickly explained to me that there were no bench warmers in that small unit.  If I got on the team, it was gonna be as a diver, not some roustabout flunky, but a get underwater and find what you’re looking for diver.  Gulp… yep ok I can do this.

Fast forward, I completed most of my training with the dive team and their instructors, but the final open water diving I did with my little brother at Vortex Springs Florida. Nice place, cold water, a balmy 68-degree constant year-round water temperature, but I got it done. Now on to the more COMFORTABLE diving locations. 

Lynnette has told you about our happy place, Roatan, Honduras, and it was there that I discovered the serenity in diving.  The simplification of life underwater and what has now become my mantra for life – Breath in…. Breath out.

I can’t say that I have just one favorite dive site, but I may be able to narrow it down to three or four. At the top of the list though has to be the dive sight called Texas, no not because it’s named for my home.  The beauty that you find on the Texas dive site is comparable and just as diverse as my Home State.

Parrottfish feeding

Barrel sponges as big as rain barrels, sea fans of every size, soft corals, hard corals, and the fish that inhabit the reef itself, both large and small are awe-inspiring. There are sand shoots that lead away from the flats out into the deep blue, a wall that you can drift along and see more sights than imaginable, coral heads that you can hide behind while parrotfish and Hawksbill turtle forage.

West End Wall, Mandy’s Eel Garden, and many other sites accessible from the west end provide other amazing dives as well, too many in fact for me to recount in this one writing. 

For more information about Roatan, Roatan Marine Park, and our preferred Dive shop on the island, well you will just have to wait for the next installment, but you can follow Roatan Marine Park on Facebook and learn more about their activities on the island and their efforts to protect this natural wonder.

Charlie Vyles

Charlie is a native Texan and lives in Cypress, Texas, with his wife Lynnette. He is a former Conservation Officer who enjoys fishing, hunting, SCUBA diving, woodworking and a good book with a whiskey sour.

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