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We tend to take a lot of electronic gear with us when we travel.  Since we carry our phones, cameras, and laptops on all of our trips, having a reliable, durable portable charger is a must.  I have tried many different chargers over the years and most have come up short in either speed or durability.  I have never been able to find a portable charger that is fast, durable, and easy to carry.  Most come up short in one category or another.

That’s where the myCharge Adventure Max Portable Charger is different than any other portable charger I have tried.  To start, the charger itself is safe in the rubberized case that makes it splash resistant and better protected from dirt and sand.  That is a huge plus for us since we travel to beach destinations and spend so much time near the water.

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We took our Adventure Max on a trip to Curacao, and it performed like a champ. On our second day of the trip, we took a wonderful charter excursion to an uninhabited island.   Even though our gear was sitting in the sand, I wasn’t concerned about my Adventure Max since I knew that it was dirt-proof and nothing would get inside. Even sitting close to the surf snapping pictures and recording video with the Adventure Max hooked to my phone, I had no worries.  Just knowing it was designed for the exact type of environment we were in was reassuring and allowed us to enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and see the sites with fully charged batteries. Another great feature of the myCharge that I love is the handy carabiner.  Too often, I have struggled to hold both my phone and a charger while talking on my phone or navigating through the narrow aisles on a plane.  With the carabiner, I hook it onto my belt loop, bag strap, or backpack, and my worries are gone, and my hands are free to take pictures, send a text, or make a call.

Whether I was walking around the capital city full of beautiful buildings and history or sitting at the airport on a long layover, knowing that the battery was within reach and easy to plug in to put me at ease. I am terrible about letting the battery on my phone drain to the point of being dead.  Having to wait for an hour or more to get a recharge is super frustrating, especially when traveling.  I want to be able to plug in, recharge, and go as quickly as possible.  By utilizing 10,050mAh and 2.4A of shared output power, the myCharge provides up to 6x extra battery power for fast recharging.

With myCharge, I fully recharged my phone in less than 30 minutes from a completely dead battery.  This was crucial on our trip as we needed the phone for driving directions, and without it, we would have been completely lost in a foreign country. With 2 USB ports, we could charge a phone and our camera batteries simultaneously and not lose a single photo opportunity.   Even charging 2 devices at once, it never lost its super-fast charging capability – a big win in my book. The myCharge Adventure Max Portable Charger saved our trip more times than I can count.

From being strong and durable enough to take on an uninhabited island to charging fast enough to save us from being lost, it provided the power we needed every time in every environment.  Whether you need to charge your phone, tablet, Bluetooth speakers, or any other USB-enabled device. The myCharge Adventure Max has you covered.

A special thanks to the folks at myCharge for providing us with the product for this review.  All opinions expressed are our own.