Welcome to our blog!

What is Life Without A Roadmap?

It is living your best life, your way!

It is about tossing out the map and venturing into the unknown, excited about what lies ahead!

After 15 years in retail management, I gave it all up!  I turned in my keys and decided that I would live my life my way.  

I was going to spend more time with my husband and family on my terms and schedule.  That also meant traveling more!

That’s when Life Without A Roadmap was born!  I changed my entire life – started a new career, quit smoking, and embarked on this journey called blogging.

Along with my amazing husband Charlie, we go on adventures to places here in the U.S. as well as abroad.  

We have a love of SCUBA diving and almost anything that involves the water so we tend to gravitate towards Caribbean or beach destinations quite frequently. 

This love of the sand and waves we share with you, and hopefully inspire you to hit the sand as well and venture under the waves and see the magical world that is the ocean.

While we have a huge love of the beach and diving, we don’t limit our travels, there’s so much more to see. 

We also love to go on “road trips” to destinations here in our great state of Texas, and beyond. 

It’s not about how long you spend at a destination, it’s about what you do in that time”.

Whether it’s a small, historic town right here in Texas or the historical city of Boston with it’s bigger than life landmarks, our great country is full of history, adventure, and beautiful sites in every one of its 50 states.

There are so many amazing towns off the beaten path that we find “without a roadmap” and just have to share with you.  We find that the people in these little spots on the map are so friendly and want to tell their stories that we can’t help but stay a while and listen.  

Another love of ours is food!  We love to eat, especially at small boutique style restaurants, whenever we travel and even right around our area.  These special little places always seem to have the most amazing food and stories behind them that we can’t help but seek them out and give them a shout out.

Hopefully, after visiting, you’ll be inspired to pack a bag and go on an adventure.  Whether it’s for a day or a week, get out there and see this amazing world of ours.  

Life is short, why not live it “Without A Roadmap”?