Great Gift Ideas For Hunters Or Outdoorsmen

Great Gift Ideas For Hunters Or Outdoorsmen

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Disclaimer – I implore you do not come after me with sharpened pitchforks because I use the male gender describing pronouns – women can hunt, many do and enjoy the sport – and while I recognize this fact I am male, I am old, and this happens to be the way I write – so there!

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Charlie Vyles:  Contributor in Residence

Everything I have written so far has been my own tales and memories, or thoughts I wanted to share.  This time I have been tasked to provide gift ideas for those of you that have hunters in your family. This should be interesting because I am notorious for saying “just get me a gift card to (insert any outdoors store name here)”.

Don’t misunderstand me, the generic gift card is a safe and easy way to go.  The hunter is able to use this in whatever store that they wish, on the item that they wish to get and you can control the amount of money that is spent on the gift… yea ok I chuckled at this idea as well.

Gift cards can be purchased just about anywhere that you may shop nowadays and in the dollar amounts that you wish or you can preload the amount desired and then just slip it into the envelope to put under the tree or in the stocking.  AHHHHH but I have an idea for this too.  I buy the large tins of Altoids (wintergreen) and the tin is just the right size to slip the gift card into and give the presentation a little more substance. The DIY project to repaint and make into some neat little dressed up box is simple too –  see gift-giving made easy!

Ok, the editor of this blog has given me raspberries for my first idea.  “That’s not what I was talking about” seems to be the phrase that was used. Onward I go forth into gift-giving for the hunter 101.


I might as well jump right off into the deep end and get this out of the way.  Camouflage is not what I’m talking about- it is too situation dependent. The type of hunting, vegetation types and I can go on… nope, I’m talking about the stuff underneath.  The layers of clothing that help keep the hunter comfortable in whatever conditions he may be hunting.  Socks and thermal underwear are the base of being comfortable and often overlooked as an element of dressing for the climate.  Thermal underwear has a rating system on the packaging that will give you a clue as to which one to buy.  If the hunter is going to be hunting in subzero climates get the heavyweight socks and thermals.  If it’s going to be warmer than that, he can go with lightweight clothing. Wool socks are good for the hard cold

situations, but I hunt in the south so lightweight nylon/polyester is better for me.

Moisture control is an important element in the field.  Wet feet are going to get cold quicker I would encourage getting a sock that is moisture-wicking.

The Duofold products are an excellent line and last season to season.  Their products have been in my drawers for more than 20 years.

And besides…. This also satisfies the need for moms to by socks and underwear as Christmas gifts.

For The Duck Hunter

Next on the list of gift ideas – I’ll take care of the duck hunters. While we can never have enough decoys, calls, shot bags, and the other essentials, what a lot of duck hunters may not have in their own personal decoy bags is the “Mojo” duck.  I am a big fan of this addition to the decoy bag.  I have been on hunts where it was a bluebird day, no wind and the decoys were just laying in the water with zero attraction to birds flying overhead.

This addition has saved a few hunts for me by providing the life I needed to the decoy spread to get those birds to make a move into my spread.  In the pond that I hunt with my friend and hunting partner Steve, that little spinner has brought birds down that wouldn’t have looked our way.  Steve uses a teal spinner, but we are going to add a mallard one as well.  Also, there is a feeding duck that gives movement in the water.



If your hunter is like me and has to get up and travel to the hunting grounds, and likes a cup of coffee in the morning, this is another one on the list of items that goes well under the tree. The added bonus… it’s a year-round gift.

Thermos has been a hunting companion of mine for as long as I can remember. Dad carried a thermos bottle while traveling and it kept the coffee hot for hours. Both the bottle and the travel mug make great gifts for your outdoorsmen.  They are also eco-friendly as your hunter is not tossing another cardboard coffee cup from the gas station into the garbage.

The Vehicle

The hunt is over, we have been in the field, the forest, and generally, boots are going to be muddy.  If your vehicle isn’t protected there is going to be some work involved to get it back to family duties ready.    I wear out floor mats about every year, just because of how I drive and the boots I wear, plus the use in the field as well.

This particular floor mat system by Weather Tech is on my wish list this year.  I have heard nothing but good reviews and now I am considering getting a set for the truck.  There are additional elements that can be purchased for cargo areas and back seats as well which would not be a bad idea.

Not to mention, they are easy to clean up if you have little ones who inevitably have spills in the car.  See, they are multi-purpose!

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas that will help with Christmas gift-giving for your family members that enjoy the outdoors.

Hey Mom … are you paying attention?

Charlie Vyles

Charlie is a native Texan and lives in Cypress, Texas, with his wife Lynnette. He is a former Conservation Officer who enjoys fishing, hunting, SCUBA diving, woodworking and a good book with a whiskey sour.

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  1. Base layers are key! If a guy likes outdoor activities (or even just has to shovel the driveway), a nice pair of warm socks is a great place to start in the gifting department.

    1. Absolutely! There is nothing worse than having wet, cold feet. Not to mention once the feet are cold, everything else will follow suit.

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