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Welcome!  I started Life Without A Roadmap when I needed a significant career and life change.  I spent 15 years in retail management and realized that I was living the life everyone expected me to live, not the life I wanted.  So, I gave it all up!  I quit my job, took a summer off, and Life Without A Roadmap was born.  

My amazing husband Charlie and I love to travel.  With our passion for SCUBA diving and the ocean, we often find ourselves at beach destinations in the Caribbean.  We know that not everyone can jump on a plane and head to an exotic Caribbean island or foreign land whenever they want, neither can we.  What we can do, though, is jump in our car and have great adventures close to home here in Texas or elsewhere in the U.S. there are so many unique and undiscovered places all over our great country.  Some of the best places are not necessarily on the radar for most people.  Those small towns that dot our landscape that most people drive by tend to have great charm and history.   We like to say we are the “non-touristy” type of people.   

On Life Without A Roadmap, you will find fun, unique travel destinations and attractions, tips and tricks, great gear and gift ideas, and maybe even a great recipe or two to try when you’re not out exploring!  

Our sincere hope is to inspire you to travel, whether down the road or across an ocean, and look for those “off the map” places.  Who knows, maybe we will inspire you to live Life Without A Roadmap!

We would love to work with you on a collaboration or sponsored post.  We have worked with brands both in the U.S. and the Caribbean.  Some of the brands we have worked with include Space Center Houston, Ziiz Beach Pillows, Busted Oaks Cellars, Breeze Boat Trips, and The Dive bus, just to name a few.

We welcome any and all ideas you have and look forward to working with you.  You can reach us through our email LifeWithoutARoadmap@Gmail, or by submitting the contact form below.

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