What is Life Without A Road Map?  It is living life on your own terms, designing your own life, and not living life to others expectations.  While there are certain things in life we all must adhere to such as obeying the law, being respectful of each other, yada, yada, yada (I say that a lot) there are other aspects of life that we can shape to meet our visions, dreams, and goals.

We can choose our career (or it can choose us) and be happy in it. We choose where to travel and how much fun we have, we choose our spouse or partner, we choose where to live, and so on.  This is designing your own life and living without a roadmap.  Life certainly throws us all a curveball from time to time, what we do with that curveball that is our choice.  Do we let it go by, or swing for the fences and see what happens?  This is what I did, I swung for the fences.

“I think I’m going to quit my job today”.  That was the text I sent my husband on June 4, 2018, as I sat in the parking lot at my former job waiting to open the store.  I was a General Manager for a retailer and had been in retail management for 15 years in one capacity or another.  I was stressed, constantly worried, and didn’t sleep.  Basically I was a hot mess every day and it was effecting my health and marriage – not in a good way.

There are a lot of people who love the retail life.  They thrive on the chaos and drama that comes with the industry.  I was one of them in the beginning but over  time, it started to take a toll.  You see, my immediate blood family consists of only 2 brothers who both live in other states.  I have always said “Retail Never Sleeps”.  That is because retail does not do holidays.  Stores are open just about every holiday, including Thanksgiving and Easter in many cases.  I worked every Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Day After Christmas for 15 years.  In most retail settings, there is a period that is called “Retail Blackout”.  It is the time typically from around November  1st through the end of December where no vacations occur.  The period is blacked out for any time off beyond normal days off.  What that meant was I could not possibly spend time with my brothers during the holidays because I couldn’t travel to see them and with my work schedule during the holidays so chaotic, they would hardly see me if they came to visit.

I love my in-laws and appreciate the time we spend together.  My mother-in-law lives close by so we spend as many holidays together as we can.  I am truly grateful for her and I love her as if she was my own mother.  That being said, not seeing my brothers during the holidays gets old fast and let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger.

This new journey I am on is scary.  Not working after over 30 years of continuous employment is scary.  Starting this blog not having any experience at it is scary.  That is living life without a roadmap.  Looking at life and saying, “Is this all there is, there must be more”.  I am throwing out the map, taking a chance, and drawing a new map.

Do I know what life has in store for me?  Certainly not. I do know so far it has not been as stressful as it was and for that I am truly thankful.  I am  starting to draw my new map, one road at a time.

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