5 Things To Make Travel Easier

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Travel is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not stressful, and tense.  Whether you’re jumping in the car for an epic road trip or flying to your dream destination, we are here to help you.

We have gathered together our top 5 travel helpers that make our trips easier.

1.  Plug-In Cooler/Warmer

Growing up, my parents didn’t fly, so it was always a road trip in the car, no matter where we were going.  Of course, back then, we didn’t have portable video games, phones, or tablets to occupy our minds, so we had to make things up on our own.  With two older brothers, it was always entertaining in the backseat of the station wagon.

One of the requirements for a great road trip is not having to stop for food and drinks every few miles, at least for us growing up it was.  That is why we always had bottles of water, snacks, and sometimes sandwiches with us for the trip.

Nothing is more annoying than having a cooler with melted ice watering down your sandwiches and making them soggy.  Not only does it make them gross, but they almost always end up in the garbage, uneaten.  That is what we endured on every road trip we took!

That is where having a cooler that does not need ice comes in.  We love this cooler/warmer, because we can prepare sandwiches, snacks, just about anything,  place it in the cooler and go.  No more soggy snacks or sandwiches.

Plus, if we want to take warm food like breakfast burritos or soup, it keeps them nice and warm as well.

It’s the perfect road trip tool that not only keeps food warm or cold but also saves us a ton of money since we don’t have to stop and buy food on the road unless, of course, we come across a great Bar-B-Que place!

2.  Neck Pillow

I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat in a moving car or on a plane.  Not while I’m driving, of course, but if it’s a long trip, I always end up asleep.  Charlie makes fun of me for this!

With all that sleeping, I want to be comfy and not wake up with a stiff neck.  Or worse, fall asleep on a stranger’s shoulder on a plane.  It’s happened!

That’s why I love the BCozzy pillow.  It’s a must-have whether you’re road tripping in a car or plan on flying.  The BCozzy prevents your head from dropping forward when sleeping, something that is super annoying when you’ve finally fallen asleep.

Also, with the addition of the sleep mask and earplugs in this set, you’re sure to get a good snooze on while traveling.  Plus, it comes in both child and adult sizes. An excellent gift for the traveler or yourself!


3.  Kids Travel Tray

If you have little ones, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to keep them occupied during travel.  You don’t always want them to have screen time, which is where this item comes in.

This fantastic tray is not only great for the car, but it is also compatible for flying as well as can be used in a stroller.  It’s perfect regardless of where your travels take you or how you get there.

It also makes an ideal desk if you’re a homeschooler and traveling with little ones.  They can continue with their studies and activities while traveling.

With the tablet stand, side pockets, and activity tray, this is a must-have to keep your little one happy while traveling.  Plus, it has a bonus of five education drawing papers and transparent, mess-free, dry erase pens.


4.  Travel Blanket

I hate to be cold!  There, I’ve said it!  Once I get cold, I’m unhappy, uncomfortable, and just plain miserable.  That’s why we live in the South and travel to beach destinations – warm weather equals happy me!

That’s why I love this travel blanket.  The Cocoon Coolmax travel blanket is the perfect size for both the car and plane.  Its moisture-wicking material ensures you are warm and toasty without being nasty and sweaty.

Since most airlines either don’t have blankets available without a seat upgrade or charging for them, I always make sure I carry my own.  Not to mention if we get stuck at the airport during a long layover or flight cancellation, it’s perfect for napping in the terminal.

Since it’s small enough that you can toss it in your tote or backpack, it doesn’t take much valuable space.  It’s also perfect for keeping it in the car for those epic road trips where I fall asleep!

5.  Electronics Gear Storage Case

Have you ever been to the airport and can’t find your phone or tablet charger?  You know it’s there, probably at the bottom of your well-packed backpack!

No matter how hard I try to be organized, I always ended up with cords everywhere.  Since we travel with our laptops, phones, cameras, and portable chargers, we have a lot of cables.  Keeping track of all of them and keeping them organized had always been a challenge.

Now that we use the Smart Electronics Organizer Travel Case, we can easily find the cord or battery we are needing.  It helps keep everything we need in one small, handy case.  With places for chargers, cables, even our cell phones, it’s 10″x8″ size makes it small enough to fit in a carry on or backpack.

It is also water-resistant, so those small splashes won’t hurt our gear, something that is perfect since we visit so many beach destinations.  A must-have for anyone who travels, whether it’s for work or play.

With all the traveling we do, anything that can help make it a little more comfortable is a win on my list.  Whether it’s driving down the road and merely reaching in the cooler for a nice cold beverage or sitting in the airport with the little ones knowing they are happy and occupied.

Travel isn’t easy, so hopefully, these few helpers will make yours a little less stressful.  Happy travels!

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