5 Gifts For The SCUBA Diver

5 Gifts For The SCUBA Diver

When I decided to take the plunge (get the pun?) and learn how to SCUBA dive, I had no idea just how much gear was involved.  Charlie has been a diver for years and I always packed his gear when we traveled but I guess I just never noticed what it involved.

Buying gifts for a diver can sometimes be a bit daunting.  There are some things that just have to be chosen by the individual so it’s not as easy as going to the local sporting goods store (which most don’t carry SCUBA gear anyway) and grabbing something off the shelf.  That being said, I have put together a list of 5 great gifts for divers that anyone can purchase.  These are gifts that I know I would love to receive.

Great Gifts For SCUBA Divers

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So let’s dive right in…again, pun intended!

1.  Gear Bags

There are certainly a lot of options when it comes to gear bags for SCUBA.  Whether you carry on or check your gear at the airport, the type of bag you use can be the difference between aggravation and bliss.  We currently use a hard-sided 360 roller suitcase for our gear and it holds both BCDs, 2 sets of fins, and our booties without exceeding the dreaded 50-pound limit but it doesn’t have great airflow for wet pieces and it can be a royal pain to pack correctly. We choose to carry on our regulators in a bag designed to hold 2 sets simply because we don’t want to risk them being damaged.  

Given the fact that we oftentimes have to lug our gear on the sand, as most divers do, we have decided to invest in an actual dive gear bag and the Cressi Trolly Bag is perfect for us.

It will easily hold 2 sets of gear, including our booties and fins since it has a fin pocket on each side which frees up that valuable interior space.  It also has strong, large wheels for ease of movement through the airport.  Along with strong supporting rods in the back of the bag to help keep it vertical, and detachable backpack straps, it’s a winner for us!

Along with the Cressi Regulator bag, they make a great finishing touch to the gear bag category.  This bag is perfect for traveling with your regulators.  Along with most divers, we always carry our regulars with us on airplanes and this keeps them safe the secure.  It is also easy to open to show the contents at the airport security checkpoints.

2.  Rash Guards

One of the not so pleasant moments of diving is developing a rash from the gear rubbing against your skin.  While many people can handle it without any issues, I’m one to always err on the side of caution and be prepared for anything and everything that may happen.  They can also provide a layer of warmth, depending on the type you get, for those who may be a little more sensitive to water temperature and don’t want to wear a wetsuit.

Where we dive, mostly in the Caribbean, the waters are like warm bath water so even at 50 feet, so we don’t need wetsuits but the extra little warmth the rash guard gives us is just enough to make it super comfortable.  Considering I’m a fairly cold-natured person and I hate to be cold, the rash guard is perfect in warmer waters.

Whether you wear short sleeves or long sleeves, the proper fit is important when it comes to rash guards.  Too loose and your gear will move around while you’re diving and that can not only be frustrating but dangerous.  Too tight and you are feeling similar to how the stuffing of sausage may feel…squeezed and tight.  One thing to note when purchasing rash guards, they are cut differently for men and women so make sure you purchase accordingly for the best fit.

When choosing sizes for rash guards, stay true to whatever size shirt you wear.  Remember that when it gets wet, it’s going to give a little and not feel quite as tight as when it’s first put on so don’t assume just because it’s tight when it’s dry, it’ll feel that way underwater.  I was super worried about this at first but once I got into the water, everything changed and I was comfortable.

There are a multitude of brands to choose from and a myriad of colors, patterns, etc.  Charlie and I have a few from different manufacturers but we really like O’Neil and Platinum Sun Divers. 

Mostly because of their fit and quality, and of course the patterns and colors.  A girl has to look good, even 50 feet below the surface.


3.  Sun Protection

Now that you have the rash guard to protect from the gear, it’s time to protect your skin from all that sun you’ll be soaking up.  Whether you’re frolicking in the surf, snorkeling, or diving, one thing that many people don’t consider is the chemicals that sun protection products put into the ocean.

While you’re having a great time in the water, the sunblock is slowly washing off your skin and into the ocean.  Over time, all the chemicals from sun products have caused irreparable damage to the ocean, fish, and reefs throughout the world.

As divers and general all-around aquatic lovers, the effect we have on our environment means a lot to us.  If you talk to anyone who dives, they will tell you that they don’t do it so they can touch fish, they do it for the beauty of what is underwater.   We, as divers, don’t go underwater and starting touching the reefs and reaching out to grab fish, that’s the exact opposite of what diving is about.  It’s about enjoying and protecting the fragile marine eco-system and doing everything we can to ensure it’s there for generations to come.

Fortunately, there are companies that are focused on ensuring their products do no harm and Reef Repair is one of them.  Their sun products are 100% organic, all-natural, and are not tested on animals (something I am a huge fan of by the way).  They have an SPF of 30 which according to research, is all you really need.  Anything above that is minimal in the amount of extra protection you are getting so why pay extra for it?  They provide UVA, UVAII, and UVB protection for 80 minutes and are safe for the whole family, including children above 6 months of age.  All this and they are safe for the environment, a WIN-WIN in my book!

4.  Dry Bags

Anyone who has spent any time on a boat or near the water can attest to the horror experienced when something gets wet and it’s not waterproof.  Whether it’s a camera, clothes, glasses, whatever, keeping things dry in a place surrounded by water is challenging.  This is where a good dry bag comes in handy!  A dry bag can make the difference between a beach or diving vacation being awesome or completely ruined.

This set by Dry Vault is a great gift idea for anyone who spends any time near the water.  It comes with 3 different size bags and the largest has 2 straps so it can be used as a backpack.  The two smaller bags have a single strap so any of them can easily be thrown over the shoulder for easy carrying.

Plus, they store super easy so you can either pack in your carry on or use the larger one as a carry-on and store the other 2 inside for traveling.  These are wonderful for not only the diver but also hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, really anywhere that moisture might be an issue.  They can even be used as an emergency floatation device.

5.  Underwater Morphing Mugs

A lot of the time, diving is an early morning activity.  In many cases, we get up very early (even on vacation) so we can eat, grab our gear, and get to the dive location.  This means, of course, that we need copious amounts of coffee.  Of course, after the dives are over and the gear is stowed, we love to relax with a nice hot cup of tea as well and reflect on the beauty of the dive.

These coffee mugs make a perfect gift for the coffee or tea drinking diver on your list.  When they are empty, they are just a simple black mug. 

But when hot liquid is added, they transform into a beautiful underwater scene.  It’s the same feeling we get when we drop into the water and descend…..tranquility and beauty.

While there certainly are many more great gift ideas for the diver or aquatic lover on your list, I hope that these few give you some great ideas.  Anyone who spends any time at or near the water would love any of these, I know I would!


Lynnette Vyles

Lynnette is a California native transplanted in Cypress, Texas, where she lives with her husband Charlie and dog Nyk. With a love of the ocean, beaches, travel, road trips, and helping keep our planet clean, she hopes to inspire you to get out and see the world.

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